1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Headphones


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  • Titanium Black
  • Mica White
  • Aurora Blue

  • Studio-grade EQ Tuning

    - To make your music shine, 1MORE’s professional sound engineer has pre-programmed 22 EQ settings for different musical genres and listening preferences. 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro strive to provide you with more than satisfactory sound output in every genre of music. (Only available for Aurora Blue Version).

  • QuietMax Technology

    - 1MORE’s proprietary QuietMax active noise cancellation technology combines hybrid ANC technology, precise audio tuning, dual band ANC and wind noise reduction in one suite for effective noise cancellation for an uncompromised Hi-Fi sound.

  • Ajustable ANC Modes

    - Featuring ANC strong, mild, pass-through and wind noise resistant modes, 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro let you enjoy peace of mind no matter what you are up to.

  • Sound with Fine Details

    - A 13.4 mm titanium composite dynamic driver delivers an authentic and balanced sound. Hear the finest details as if you were in a concert.

  • 6 Microphones

    - 3 microphones in each earbud coupled with a precise algorithm work seamlessly to suppress noise and amplify your voice for crystal clear phone calls.

  • *For first time use, please press and hold the pairing button on the case for 8 seconds or charge it to activate the earbuds.
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1MORE ComfoBuds Pro
True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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Adjustable ANC Modes
13.4 mm Dynamic Driver
6 Microphones
Snug and Secure Fit
Fast Charge: 15 mins = 2 H
Auto Pause / Resume
Customizable Touch Control
Instant Pairing


Digital Trends
"Good sound, good ANC, and great comfort-that's not bad for a $95 set of true wireless earbuds, and it should make the ComfoBuds Pro an attractive alternative to Apple's pricey AirPods Pro." "The ComfoBuds Pro sound great. They don't deliver quite the same level of performance as the AirPods Pro, but they come close enough that if Apple's buds are your only point of comparison, the 1Mores are a helluva good deal."
The Verge
"1More has put together afantastic pair of budgetearbuds with the ComfoBuds Pro."" Thesound is fantastic for themoney, they have severaluseful noise cancellationmodes to switch between,and the fit certainly deliverson the “comfort” part oftheir name." More alsobeats out Apple on thescale, with each ComfoBudPro weighing 5.2 gramscompared to the 5.4-gramAirPods Pro.In your ears,they feel similarly light andbarely there.
Unbox Therapy
"These have active noisecancellation with multiplemodes - strong, mild, andWNR(wind noisereduction). 3 mic Alpowered environmentalnoise cancellation, isteningto your surroundings, youknow how these go.13.4mmultra linear driver with theextended bass plus,I cantell it's an in-ear style withdedicated ear tips, these aretypically a little bit betterwhen you're looking for amore powerful bassthump...lt is the 1MOREComfobuds Pro, a premiumset of features with a moreapproachable price point."
"Im going to start by sayingthat the 1More ComfoBuds Pro are an excellent set oftrue wireless earbuds. Especially for their $99 price. Most people would bemore than happy withthese. However, if you wantmore control over how yourmusic sounds - or if youfind that blue paint job isirresistible - then the extra$10 for the Aurora BlueComfoBuds Pro is an easywin. And even at the higher$109.99 price, these thingsreally do set a high bar foraffordable, comfortable,true wireless earbuds withANC.”
1MORE's proprietary QuietMax active noisecancellation technology is forever changing theway headphones deliver ANC by combinghybrid ANC technology, precise audio tuning.dual band ANC and wind noise reduction inone suite. Now you don't have to compromisebetween Hi-Fi sound and effective noisecancellation - you never should!
The 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro feature adjustable ANC modes to meet noise cancelling needs in different scenarios so you can hear what you want instead of what you have to

1. ANC Strong Mode (Default)
Just You and Your Music
2. ANC Mild Mode
Fit In, Chill Out

3. Wind Noise ResistantMode*
Enjoy the Breeze and Your Beats
4. Pass-Through Mode (Default)
Hear Your Surroundings

5 ANC Off
Less Power Consumption, More Playtime
Note: ANC strong andPass-Through modes are default settings. You can download 1MORE Music app to activate ANC mild and Wind Noise Resistant Modes.
A 13.4 mm composite dynamic driver delivers an auuthentic and balanced sound. From extended bass,to clear mids and silky highs, hear the finest details no matter what genre of music you are listening to.
Tuned by Grammy@ winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi for a fully balanced and precise soundstage.
From classical to contemporary music, you can find an EQthat suits it on ComfoBuds Pro. The ComfoBuds Pro are preset with22 EQ settings in the 1MORE MUSIC APP, with names such as Acoustiic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Classical, Deep, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Loud, Lounge, Podcast, Pop, Vocal Booster. And the EQ you choosecan be solidified to the earbuds, next time you put on the earbuds, youcan still enjoy the same amazing sound quality without opening theapp and reselecting.

Bass Booster: Give more depth to bass-heavy music
Acoustic: Clear, bright vocals with more details
Podcast: Enhance the frequencies of the human voice
Classical: For whom loves to hear Chopin, Beethoven, and other classic music authors
Pop: More mid-range frequencies and a bit low- mid and high-mid frequencies
Electronic: Immersive acoustic experience

* Please choose the EQ settings in the "Equalizer" setting on 1MORE MUSIC APP.
One feedforward and feedback ANC microphone coupled witth a precise algorithm work seamlessly to suppress both environmental and in-ear noises. Meanwhile, the talking microphones detect and amplify your voice, so the other end of the call can hear your voice clearly even in the nosiest environments


Oblique-angled earbuds create an ergonomic design that is tested to fit ears of all shapes and sizes. They sit snugly and securely in your ear canals for a comfortable and squeeze free experience. 3 pairs of additional eartips are included in the package to help you find the most suitable fit for you.


Default Settings
ANC Function

Pinch the stem to cycle through ANC Strong and Pass-Thropugh Modes, or turn off the ANC

Phone Call
Answer / Hang Up: Double Tap
Activate Voice Assistant: Tap 3 Times

Play / Pause: Double Tap


The extended playtime makes sure you always have some music to lighten up your routine without worrying about a low battery catching you off guard. The fast charge technology enables 15 minutes of charge to fuel you up for 2 hours of listening time.


Featuring built-in infrared sensors, the earbuds will automatically pause music when you remove them from your ears andresume once you put them back on. Giving you a seamless listening eexperience


IPX4 water and sweat resistant means you can sweat it out in the gym, horse around near the pool, joggle in the sprinkles, you name it, all with your earbuds on - Always have music to season your day without worry.


Want to see the reconnection speed? Well, don't blink your eyes because after initial pairing, the earbuds will automatically connect to your device once you open the case. Yes, It's that fast and easy. Welcome aboard and see how technical innovations shape contemporary life.
Inspired by the form of dripping liquid metal, 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro featuring a streamlined design with narrowed down tip ends allow comfort, recognition and beauty to coexist and its blazing firefly taillight adds a flare of style. The charging case taking its shape from pebble gives you a silky hand feel. 1MORE's proprietary QuietMax Active Noise Cancellation technology lets you zone out the world and tune in to music.

What’s in the box

1 Pair × Headphones
1 × Charging Case
3 Pairs (XS / S / L) × Silicone Ear Tips
1 × Type-C Charging Cable
1 × Carrying Pouch
1 × User Guide
1 × Warranty Card
Case Protector* ( *The case protector is only included in the balck earbuds. )

Single Earbud Weight 5.2 g
Case Weight 40 g
Gross Weight 50.4 g
Earbud Dimensions 42 x 23.95 x 20.93 mm
Case Dimensions 80 x 37.5 x 30 mm
Single Earbud Battery Capacity 50 mAh
Case Battery Capacity 450 mAh
Earbuds Charging Time 1 Hour
Case Charging Time 2 Hours
Playtime* (ANC On)
Earbud Fully Charged 6 Hours
Case and Earbuds Fully Charged 20 Hours
Playtime (ANC Off)
Earbud Fully Charged 8 Hours
Case and Earbuds Fully Charged 28 Hours
Speaker Impedance 32 Ω
Bluetooth Range 10 m (Open Space)
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth® 5.0
Bluetooth Protocols HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Input 5V 1A
Working Temperature 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Frequency Range 2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz

* Above data is from 1MORE lab.

* Playtime is tested in the laboratory under AAC format at 50% volume, which may vary according to device settings, use habits and other factors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews

Item arrived faulty, earbuds would not turn on when taking them out of the charger. I have raised a ticket with the help desk and they have offered to exchange but the response times are slow.

Akshay S.
1More ComfoBuds

Still waiting for my order...been more than 3 weeks

Joseph J.

The sound quality of these buds are amazing even tho I have not explored all of technology of these buds yet. What my friends say is that when I call them they can hear me! I am so pleased with this as it has been a bugbear of mine when friends call using other branded earbuds. I have difficulties with the buds fitting my tiny ears, when I move the buds tend to slip out.
Overall tho I am so happy with the purchase.

Muhammad K.
Brilliant headphones with great ANC

All satisfied

Martin L.
Great headphones, but not for multiple devices

These headphones are great in every way. There's only one problem..

The positives
+ Fits good in my smaller ear
+ The ANC is REALLY good, better than my super expensive Sony headphones
+ The case is really small which means I can carry it in my jeans next to my phone. Not 100% comfortable, but 90% comfortable. My previous Sony's case is huge in comparison.
+ App is good and the settings are customizable to a good degree.
+ ANC is turned off by default, which is great! On my Sony it was always on, and I had to open the app and turn it off manually every single time.
+ The "wind" mode for ANC is good. ANC (on all headphones) is close to useless outside because the microphones pick up a lot of wind noise. But having this wind mode helps a bit.

And the bad parts:
- If you want to use these with multiple devices, it will be annoying. They can only be connected to one device at the time. It means, if you have them connected to your laptop and you're doing some work... Then you decide to pack up your laptop, put the headphones in their case and walk away. While walking around with your laptop in your backpack, you decide you want to listen to music from your phone. As soon as you take out the headphones from the case they will connect to the previous device, the laptop in this case. When you open your phone and try to connect to the headphones, it won't work. The connection will be refused. You need to either turn off bluetooth on your laptop, OR, when opening the case to the headphones, press the pairing button three times. Pressing the button three times makes the headphones forget the current connection and be open to a new one. Then you can open your phone and connect to the headphones. I assumed all headphones supported multiple connections in 2022 when I bought these. Unfortunately not. So be aware if you are using them for multiple devices that's a bit of a hassle.
- Each headphone is turned the "wrong" way in the case. So if you pick up right headphone with your right hand, you need to turn the headphone around 180 degrees before putting it in your ear. Weird design miss (or comprise to make the case so small). Hardly a deal breaker, but slightly annoying.

You can't beat these for the price!

Got these for $50 on a lighning sale! Incredible noise cancellation. Sound is amazing. Bluetooth connectivity especially in a call is sub par. Sounds muffled at times. But for $50 you will be happy you got these at a bargain price.

Mark A.
Quality at a fair price.

Excellent balanced sound for music. Good battery life. Very good for phone calls. Active noise cancelling is good but could be better. Very good value for the money.

Requesting a 2nd pair for a Christmas present

These meet my needs at a great price. I listen to podcasts while exercising, working around the house/in yard, etc. These have a great battery life compared to others I've tried, lasting 6+ hours of continuous play. The sound is clear and crisp and I love the listening modes.

Sri H.M.

Great sound and battery, features and quirks work well. ANC can be better

Perfect products

Perfect sound, like the in-ear detection the best, the best products in this price.