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SonoFlow SE

40mm DLC Dynamic Driver
12 Studio-Grade EQ Presets
70 hours of playtime
Hybrid Noise Cancellation
Fast Charge: 5Mins=5Hours

1MORE SonoFlow SE Noise Cancelling Headphones HQ30

£46.74 £54.99
  • Black

  • Immersive Sound Performance

    - Embrace remarkable sound clarity and enhanced bass with the 1MORE cutting-edge 40mm diamond-like-carbon DLC dynamic driver, delivering immersive audio that sets new standards for premium sound quality.

  • Enhanced Noise-Canceling Wonder

    - Immerse yourself in serenity as 1MORE QuietMax innovative noise-canceling tech effectively blocks noise in wider and deeper frequency ranges, delivering unparalleled focus and clarity to your music and calls.

  • Endless Power

    - Unleash the freedom of extended power with an impressive 70-hour playback time of the 1MORE SonoFlow SE, while fast charging ensures you spend less time charging and more time enjoying your favorite tunes.

  • Enhanced Calling

    - Experience pristine call quality with 1MORE headphones featuring an AI-driven noise reduction tech that significantly reduces background noise, ensuring seamless and undisturbed conversations.

  • Ultimate Comfort

    - Experience luxurious comfort with skin-friendly protein leather ear cups and a customizable headband that ensures a perfect fit, making the 1MORE headphones ideal for extended wearing without any discomfort.

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14.2 mm Dynamic Driver
DLC Diaphragm
IPX5 Waterproof Rating
30 Hrs of Total Playtime
ENC for Clear Calls

1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30

£54.99 £69.99
  • Black
  • White

  • Dynamic Sound & Deep Beats

    - Unparalleled power and intensity with the 1MORE S30 sports headphones enlarged 14.2mm DLC dynamic driver and DBB bass enhancement algorithm. Immerse yourself in powerful sound, feel the deep beats, and conquer your workouts like never before.

  • Comfort and Connection

    - Experience the perfect blend of comfort and fit with open-ear Sports earbuds. Stay effortlessly connected to the world while immersing yourself in music. Crush your limits with unparalleled comfort and situational awareness.

  • 4-Mic Noise-Free Calls

    -Powered by an AI algorithm and 4 embedded microphones, the 1MORE S30 earbuds redefine clarity. Elevate your communication and conquer every moment with precision audio.

  • 30 Hours of Unstoppable Sound

    - Unleash the power of 1MORE S30 sports earbuds with an impressive 30-hour battery life. Fuel your workouts with non-stop beats and elevate your performance. Experience a 10-hour playtime per charge.

  • Unleash Your Waterproof Edge

    - Dive into action with the 1MORE Sports headphones S30 with an IPX5 waterproof rating for ultimate protection. Sweat, rain, or splash, embrace your workouts, conquer any weather, and elevate your performance.

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1MORE PurePower Driver
DLC Diaphragm
38H Total Battery Life
IPX7 Waterproof Rating
Bluetooth 5.3

1MORE Fit Open Earbuds S50

£99.99 £149.99
  • Grey
  • Silver

  • Sound in Motion

    - 1MORE innovative open-ear sports earbuds elevate your athletic performance combined with ultimate comfort. Stay connected to your surroundings while enjoying music and ambient sound simultaneously without needing to remove the earbuds for communication. Embrace a seamless outdoor experience like never before.

  • Surging Sound

    - Featuring the exclusive 1MORE PurePower Driver with a diamond-like-carbon (DLC) diaphragm, these earbuds deliver a 40% boost in power compared to conventional models. Experience remarkably well-balanced sound with exquisite attention to even the most subtle of details.

  • Unmatched Comfort and Unparalleled Fit

    - The Built-in memory metal wire and ear hooks designed by using various test models fit snugly on your ears for long-wearing comfort, light and airy coming in at only 10 grams each earbud lets you feel free no matter what hairstyle, accessories, or helmet you are wearing.

  • Crystalline Two-Way Calls

    - Dual mics of each earbud and AI-enabled ENC algorithm accurately pick up the human voice and eliminate background noise by up to 30 dB, even in bustling crowds, the two-way calls are still clear.

  • IPX7 Sweat-Resistance

    - Let the rain pour, the sweat drip, and the challenges surge. 1MORE waterproof headphones are built to stand strong, delivering an immersive sound experience that defies all odds.

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Hi-Res Audio
5 Drivers
45 ° Curved Nozzles
Gold-plated MMCX Connector and High-conductivity OFC Cable
32Ω low impedance

1MORE Penta Driver Headphones - P50

£144.49 £169.99
  • Black

  • Faithful Reproduction of Sound

    - Forward-looking 5-driver hybrid acoustics with Hi-Res support faithfully reproduce sound, built-in DLC dynamic driver with 4 exclusive planar units cover all frequency ranges resulting in a rich, full-bodied sound, reproducing an expansive soundstage with incredible clarity and detail.

  • Master-Tuned Sound

    - Precise sound is tuned by Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi capturing the passion and emotion of music while being preserved across-the-board from the deep low-ends to the crisp high-ends.

  • Uncompromising Comfort

    - 1MORE Penta Driver headphones are tested on a large variety of ear models to ensure a perfect fit, the delicately designed 45 ° curved nozzles with pre-formed ear hooks ensure that headphones stay secure; Optional ear tips, lightened shells, and optimized wearing sustains ongoing comfort without fatigue.

  • Lossless Transmission

    - Gold-plated MMCX connector and high-conductivity OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable ensure high-fidelity transmission and effectively reduces cable handling noise. The detachable design offers unmatched flexibility you can easily swap out cables with 100% control over your listening journey.

  • Powerful Sound, Effortlessly Driven

    - 32Ω low impedance of the 1MORE headphones requires less power to operate and work more efficiently. Headphones deliver powerful bass, rich mid-tones, and crystal-clear highs without the need for an additional amplifier.

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SonoFlow Earcups


1MORE SonoFlow Earcups

  • Black

  • How to Replace the Earcups

    - 1. Put the old ear cushion upwards to remove;
    - 2. Align the bin one the ear cushion and headphones and press together untill there are no gaps.

  • *Please keep the liner foam piece covering the driver in place.
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