November 16, 2016


Everyone says it - music is life! Is it though? Do your life decisions depend on music? Probably not, but we can't deny that music plays a very large part of it! It's a powerful source that can pump you up, bring you down, make you cry, or make you smile! It brings people together, sets trends, and gives us the opportunity to express ourselves freely. 

What is it about music that makes us cling and rely on it so much? Let me tell you...

Finding a Taste That Suits You
Some time during your adolescence years, you will find the music that you enjoy and represents you best. There is no better feeling than discovering tunes that really speak to you; nowadays, your music taste is a major part of your identity and it's a way of expressing ourselves without actually having to do anything! Listen to someone's favourite playlist, and I can guarantee you, you will learn a lot about that person.

Great For Any Mood or Situation
Regardless of your mood, you can find a song that will suit it. Maybe you're having a complete mental breakdown after a relationship breakup, or you're on your way to a job interview, you'll find closure or encouragement in a song. The same goes for lyrics, some of them may speak to you personally; some lyrics might speak about a difficult situation identical to your own making you feel less alone! Whatever your situation, you will find what you need!

Live Performances
Seeing your favourite band live - there's no other feeling like it! We don't always just "enjoy" listening to music, for some of us, it's an emotional experience and goes deeper than just liking a song. Seeing a band or hearing your favourite song live can mean the entire world to someone if they have a personal connection with it. Perhaps it reminds them of a loved one, or they listened to it during a difficult time in their life. For a song to have an impact like that, it's pretty incredible. A live performance like that is one you'll never forget.