May 04, 2017


This is a question we get asked again and again!

The answer is not so simple but there are certain criteria that fit the mould. However, a lot depends on the recording quality, which can differ greatly from album to album.

[1] The best recordings are often those that have a wide frequency range and a very open soundstage (ie. the 'spaciousness' of the sound). These are known sometime as 'audiophile' standard recordings and are the best to showcase your equipment and check out the quality of any headphones. A full frequency spectrum from deep, open bass to high but sweet table and a detailed midrange are crucial factors to a good recording.

[2] Good recordings are often found with either electronic dance music or smaller acoustic recordings. Electronic dance music is mostly recorded through a digital direct linked recording system without microphones and has a low deep bass response and an overall sound which is impressive and very clear with a nice 'blank' background. Acoustic guitar and voice recordings are often recorded with high quality microphones at very close quarters which results in a very full and open sound that brings you incredibly close to the instrument and the singer for a full immersing experience (any album from Jose Gonzalez is a great example!) . Both of these types of music will demonstrate your headphones quality perfectly.

[3] Rock and guitar music recordings have the greatest difference in recording quality. A rock or indie recording from the 80s or 90s, for example, can sound thin and limited. Whereas some earlier 70s recordings are of excellent quality (Led Zeppelin, for example) and later rock recordings, such as those by Metallica, are huge sounding and very impressive.

[4] Ultimately, though, the music that will sound the best to you alone is the music that you love, irrespective of the recording quality. Music that you like and are familiar with will always sound better through good headphones and you'll forever be discovering sections or details that you have never heard previously. It literally will sound like you've never heard it before - this is one sure reason why you should always invest in a high quality headphone to get the best enjoyment from your music