November 17, 2016


Taking good care of your headphones can make more of a difference than you might think. Regardless of the quality or price of your headphones, you must take precautions in order to keep them in tip-top condition! 

There are basic precautions that should be followed when taking care of your headphones - avoiding too high or low temperatures and liquids and high humidity is essential to prolonging the life and quality of your listening gear!

You should also remove your headphones from a device by pulling on the the plug and not the cable as this can also have an impact. 

With high end headphones, you should consider the size of the ear tips to avoid them being squashed in your ears and limiting the sound quality.

It is also worth replacing your ear tips (if applicable) as often as you can as the build of dirt and bacteria isn't only bad for the headphones, but for your ears too! 

When storing your headphones, make sure they are kept in a dry, clean place preferably in a case if they came with one.

Tangling of wires on in-ear headphone is a common problem but it can be avoided by tying them around two of your fingers in a figure eight shape, or by wrapping them around your smartphone when you are on the go! 

So really, taking care of your headphones isn't time consuming - it's just common sense! If you treat your headphones the same way you treat your smart phone, you shouldn't have any problems.