Getting to Know Your Headphones

November 01, 2016

Getting to Know Your Headphones

Our life is imposed with paramount functional gadgets that have become a mere necessity today. Headphones in this stride, are essential gadgets that you will see everywhere whether you are on the train, out of the house, in the house, in the bag, on the work desk, you can’t ignore this bare necessity today. They have become indispensable and from the early invention to now, there are many things happened in them that are hard to ignore. Headphones today are facing some real technology in place right from the two earbuds that was responsible for giving a compatible sound. There has been so much happened in the headphone market. So, if the music is your interest and headphones is your part of life, let's sharpen your knowledge about the way it got its stand today.

Several kinds of headphones:

Head wearing headphones

The first of its kind headphones, these were all the rage but went out of the shelves because it is poor in the express of undertone and meet with high inconvenience in carrying it.


Right after head wearing headphones, Earplug came into existence which was more of a breakthrough. The high convenience to use it outside and its small size made it a choice among many music lovers. Urbanisation and environmental noise took it to in-ear monitors that remain more suitable for the world outside.


These are intermediate products between earphone and earplug. The characteristic of these are quite hazy, however, they are beautiful in wearing and add comfort.

Bone conduction headphone

This is the new step in the market. Bone conduction headphone is a new technology in the world vibration theory. It is technology that transmits the sound through the skull to the listening centre directly. With its low popularity, this technology is still into consideration and has suspects whether it could make changes in the headphone world.

Wireless headphone

These are all the rage and by and large, among all the headphones, these have made their place in the latest iPhone 7 accessory. Yes, iPhone has gone jackless and the contributor is this beauty. The advent of technology made headphones wireless and ensuring a good sound quality. While the graph is ready to go up with the new technology coming in for making wireless headphones' sound quality unmatchable.

Noise cancelling headphones

We know how the noise pollution has taken a toll on mankind. Wherever you go, you can't be in peace. However, noise cancelling headphones are your aid. They let you be in your own world of music in spite of heavy aircraft engine noise, hustle bustle of the city traffic; you can wear them and be in your definite world of you and your music.

On the basis of application of headphones, there are also classified as:

Open headphones

These bring comfort while listening and causes no ear pressure.

Closed headphones

Used more in monitoring areas, these come with soft tone pad to completely wrap the ear and ears are not affected by unwanted sound.

Semi-open headphones

A concoction of both closed and open headphones, these are modern headphones with a fair interest of teenagers. Being not completely over the ears, they are able to combat outside sound pretty much.

So, headphones have a wide game to play, there are many types based on the utility, application and advantages. But for the world, they are the best invention mankind could ever offer.