5 Reasons Why Music is Good For You

January 04, 2017

5 Reasons Why Music is Good For You

5 Reasons Why Music is Good For You

For many of us, music plays an important part in our lives. We listen to it when we party, when we sleep, when we shower, when we exercise - and just about every other daily activity! And it benefits you a lot more than you might realise...

Music Helps You Sleep
Studies have shown that students who listen to music on a regular basis are better rested than those who don't. 

Music Relieves Stress
Research has proven that listening to music effectively reduces stress and anxiety levels as it distracts one's mind from difficulty they may be feeling/facing. 

Music Motivates You
If you go to the gym, you and just about everyone else in the room will have their headphones in. Music with upbeat tempos have been proven to boost athletic performance!

It's Good for the Mind
Listening to music regularly improves memory and cognitive performance which also prevents a variety of mental disorders. 

Music Makes You a Good Driver
Obviously if it isn't distressingly loud - cheery music whilst driving keeps your road rage at bay and keeps your mind alert!