3 Best Over-Ear Headphones for Any Budget

May 15, 2017

3 Best Over-Ear Headphones for Any Budget

People who have passion for music surely own a headphone. With the headphone on, they can get into their own zone. Even when they are on the move, they can be by themselves without getting disturbed by events and things happening around. In fact music is a great way of concentrating on things when you need it most.

Over ear headphone seem convenient to many

Headphones are available in different varieties and styles and over-ear headphones need special mention in this regard. It is evident from the name of the headphones that these sit comfortably over the ears and you can enjoy music for long hours without putting any additional pressure on the ears. Leading musicians, singers and people from the music industry prefer using over-ear headphones rather than in-ear headphones.

Choosing the best headphones which are over the ear

Over ear headphones by 1More are simply great. The designs of the headphones have been done in the most stylish manner. The best thing about the headphones is that they are light in weight and hence they can be carried easily to any place with convenience. The best over ear headphones are performance driven and come with uncompromised sound quality.

Mentioned below are top 3 models of over ear headphones from 1MORE:

1More MK801 over-ear headphones

1More MK801

1More MK801 over-ear headphones are extremely stylish and trendy to look at. Available in red and black colors, this headphone can make a style statement casually. The headphone is manufactured with TR-90 steel, which makes the device strong and flexible, yet light weight. The ear cups come with 4-way rotating feature and can be adjusted with exclusive slide feature. Most importantly, the headphone is compatible with Android and iOS. The tuning of the headphone has been Grammy award winning sound engineer.

1More MK802 Bluetooth over-ear headphones

1More MK802

The MK802 headphones come with Bluetooth technology. This headphone comes in red and blue shades and both of them are quite dynamic colors. It is needless to say that the sound quality of 1More MK802 wireless headphone is outstanding. The headphones have selectable bass levels, intelligent control keys and intelligent hearing protection. Made with durable materials, these headphones are strong and tough yet light weight at the same time. The comfortable and snug fit of the headphones make music listening sessions highly pleasurable and enjoyable.

H1707 Triple Driver over-ear headphones

1More H1707

Some prominent technological features that are integrated with these triple driver over ear headphones include audiophile cabling, advanced driver technology etc. The headphone comes in black and gold and is fascinating to look. The material used in making the device is tough and strong but comfortable and light. Expertly tuned, the headphones are portable and practical in nature and hence loved by people who are only interested in listening to great music.