20 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music

April 19, 2017

20 Amazing Benefits of Listening to  Music

Bob Marley rightly put, when he said that “One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

Music has always been a mysterious healer. Music not only does help us get over pain (heartbreaks) – but it has been proved to benefit both our physical and mental state, and in numerous ways. Listed below are some benefits of listening to music.

The benefits of music

1- Ease Pain: - Music reduces the intensity of pain, and has been especially helpful in geriatric care, palliative medicines and intensive care.

2- Motivate Bikers: - according to an interesting study, listening to fast music can help bikers concentrate better on rides. You will be motivated to walk faster on a treadmill when listening to fast music.

3- Improve Performance: - Music is perhaps the best trainer if you plan to become a runner. Just plug in to your favourite music, pump up and take the road!

4- Increase Endurance: - Listening to workout tracks can boost both physical performance and at the same time increase your endurance during tough sessions.

5- Enhance Post-Workout Recovery: - Studies have reasoned out how listening to music after workouts helps the body recover faster. Similarly, slow music has proved to produce a greater post-exercise relaxation effect.

6- Improve the quality of Sleep: - Music has long been known to be effective against insomnia.

7- Regulate Eating: - Playing soft music during a meal will slow down eating, improve digestion and ultimately you consume less amount of food in your sitting.

8- Enhance your Blood Vessel: - Scientists have found that music can inspire positive emotions in patients and consequently have a healthy effect on blood vessels. Music has been proved to increase/improve blood flow.

9- Reduce Stress: - Listening to music can relieve stress by triggering biochemical substances.

10- Induce Meditative State: - Slow music alters brainwave speed, thus creating a brainwave activity similar to a person who is meditating or has been hypnotized.

11- Relieve Depression: - Music can always pick you up from a bad mood. Classical and meditative sounds have been found to be particularly uplifting.

12- Elevate Mood: - Music helps people to get into a good mood and feel natural.

13- Improve Cognitive Performance: - Smooth background music can enhance cognitive performance. Consequently, you will be able to concentrate better and finish off with your test faster.

14- Help Performance in High-Pressure situations: - Listening to music before your big game or your big day can help you to do better. Be it your first day at office or your wedding; listen to music to stay relaxed!

15- Feels like massage: - Music reacts to anxiety levels similar to a massage session.

16- Relax before Surgery: - As already said, music can help you relax and it has been particularly helpful for preparing patients before surgeries.

17- Ease Stress post-surgery: - Music isn’t just helpful before a surgery but also after serious surgeries.

18- Elevate Mood While Driving: - Help you keep it calm and cool.

19- Help Cancer Patients: - Cancer always bring along a lot of anxiety and stress. Music has been found to help patients to better communicate their feelings, ease physical pain lower stress and discomfort.

20- Recovery among Stroke Patients: - Stroke patients have been found to positively respond to music. According to a research, a two hours music session a day improved patient’s verbal memory, attentiveness and also helped create a positive mood.

Regardless of our different tastes in music, it’s clear they tune benefit our health. And now you have an excuse to turn your favourite music and relax while doing something.