1More's Alternatives for the No Jack iPhone 7

December 02, 2016

1More's Alternatives for the No Jack iPhone 7

Unless you live under a rock - you will be aware of the new feature for the iPhone 7 where the headphone jack has been removed entirely. Probably not the best "improvement" on Apple's behalf, but we are able to offer you alternatives to buying the AirPods or the iPhone 7 jack adapter with our exceptional wireless, Bluetooth headphones! 

Our iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones are lightweight sports design with exceptional sound quality further improved with a titanium driver. With oblique angled earbuds that come in sets of three, they fit perfectly into your ear canals for a secure, comfortable fit. Not only that, these headphones are waterproof from rain, sweat, and splashes making them perfect for outside and gym use. 

MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones are our exception wireless over-ear headphones with superb sound quality with beryllium driver and no signal loss. The MK802 has been expertly tuned by Grammy Award winning audio engineer, Luca Bignardi. With soft, adjustable earcups, these headphones have incredible comfort as well as intelligent control technology. 

EB100 Sports Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones these in-ear headphones are specifically designed to be used during physical activity and exercise while remaining secure and comfortable on, in, and around the ear without the hassle of wires hanging off you. Yet these headphones still have exceptional sound quality and are water resistance! So don't be afraid to get your sweat on!