Are you a true music lover?

February 16, 2017

Are you a true music lover?

The true nature of the dedicated music lover can only be understood by the music lover himself/herself.  To many, music is 'be all and end all' of life. Music is a way to educate, heal and elevate your spirits. A break from from the daily grind, a reliever of the pressure of work and general stress - music is a way to inner solace. Here are ten points that will convince you if you are a TRUE music lover or not!

A true music addict is always connected!

There are some who spend most of their waking hours connected to music. Whether working, writing, jogging or relaxing some people find it impossible to function without their headphones!

You find your favourites in your playlists:

The true music lover has a variety of playlists to suit every mood. Whether in the gym, on the move or nodding off to sleep, there is always a playlist for every situation.

You can't pick a favourite artist or album:

As a true music lover, you can't pick your favourite. Those that revel in every type of music or genre will find it impossible to choose just one. 

A new favourite song is an obsession!

You know that moment when you hear a truly great song that connects with you and you have immediately hear it again, and again, and again, and again. . . ?

Discovering a live version of a favourite song

Sometimes a live version of a favourite tune will bring a whole new aspect of excitement and wonder to it. Search out live versions of your favourite tracks as no one live performance is ever the same!

When someone simply doesn't 'get it'!

For a dedicated music lover there is no worse feeling than eagerly introducing one of your favourite tracks to your friend to hear the words "No. Not for me. . .I don't get it". A totally deflating moment in any true music lovers life!

When someone loves the same music as you

On the other hand, when someone shares the favourite album or track as you and there os that connection. . .you can't beat it!

Experience live music. . .

Although headphones are our escape to the better world of music, you can't beat the experience of a full-on live music experience. To the music lover there is nothing to top it. . .

When someone says they "don’t listen to music"

Have you ever heard this from anybody? Really?. . .If so, it must be the most depressing statement on earth!

Play it cool. . .

The music obsessed person ultimately has to realise that whilst we all love music, there are some that maybe don't love it as much as you. In those circumstances - annoying though it may be - it's maybe best to keep your thoughts to yourself!